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Why So Weary?

I had a two night respite.

Two nights in a row I fell into a coma of sleep and slept through the whole night until my usual waking time. But I wasn’t rested. I wasn’t refreshed.

I was just as tired as when I’d gone to bed.

Then the spirits came back again. Several of them, in different places.

Our old landlady (who died in the apartment downstairs) is forever coming up to our door. Repeatedly, several times a night, night after night and sometimes during the day. She won’t go no matter what I try. She’s so tied to this building that there won’t be any getting her to move on for a long time. I’ve given up on her and just let her come and go as she normally would.

Someone else is playing with the curtains now. Sometimes there’s one looking through the books and cds in my bookshelf.

I go to sleep at a reasonable hour. At least I try to. But being woke up so many times every night, coupled with the vivid dreams I have, means I wake up just as tired as when I went to bed. Sometimes more tired.

I’m thinking of instituting a regular nap time two or three times a week to see if it would help. I don’t know what else to try and do. It’s not like getting more sleep at night would help. I’m already in the 8 – 9 hour range as it is.

Some people call themselves empathic because they sense an emotion from people now and then and happen to be right sometimes.  There’s so much more to it.

Once you open that door wide and lay your soul bare, there’s no closing it off again. At the time, we don’t understand the price we will pay for our services to our planet.

I can’t say services to our people. It’s not hte people I serve, but the planet itself. I’m helping the flow of energy keep moving. I’m getting slow moving energies to hustle it up a bit so they can mix with the others and be ready to come down with the next rain.

We had a cold rain the other day. I didn’t feel rain falling around me. I felt energies returning to the surface of the planet. Energies coming down to feed plants and rivers and continue to renew the world.

Because of what happened last week, it was rather a sad rain, as though the Earth had taken the energies of the children I sent along and put them on a fast track back to being reborn. As if the Earth knew they’d been taken far too early and it had to put them back at once.

A cold rain. A sad rain.

But I didn’t mind.



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