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Yesterday was the day we are supposed to mourn the deaths of 3000 people. I do not shed tears over that. Today I find myself in tremendous pain for a single life lost and a single little girl who knows she did it.

Here is the article

You poor baby. I feel for this little girl so deeply it brings tears to my eyes. She will carry this with her for the rest of her life. She will never be the same. Not ever. It will take years for her to have a single day during which she doesn’t remember the feel of that gun in her hands when it kicked back and then the instructor was on the ground with blood and brains spattered.

She will never forget the day she killed a man, and none of it was her fault.

It’s her parents’ fault. They should have thought for two seconds that GEE, maybe we shouldn’t put this powerful weapon into our small daughter’s hands. It is the fault of the instructor for not saying GEE, we really don’t like to have children under the age of __ (insert appropriate number here) handled the extremely powerful firearms. It is the fault of the facility itself for not having that policy in the first place.

The one person who is blameless is the one who will be paying the price for this stupidity. She will pay for it for the rest of her life.

I feel for her, knowing very well the pain she now carries. Pain no child should ever have to carry.

SHAME on her parents for not having the common sense to take her for a pony ride instead.

And bravo to the children of the instructor for their understanding of the terrible situation she finds herself in. Their message to her was as brave a thing as I’ve ever seen. Good for you.


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