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Visitor for a Month

One of the best visitations I’ve ever had lasted a month.

Every night, this entity would appear in my bedroom curtains. I could see him clear as day. He would try to show me different images that he thought would frighten me. Demons and monsters from movies. Once it even tried to scare me with Darth Vader.

He was completely perplexed as to why I was not frightened by any of these things; why I would smile and say hello. Or laugh.

He didn’t understand why I was completely accepting of his presence in my home.

Well, he wasn’t really harmful. He was just curious. I could sense his emotions. I could read his body language. He didn’t pose any thread. I had chosen to indulge his curiosity.

One day, near the end of that month, my then 3 year old daughter asked if she could take pictures around her room. I gave her the digital camera, told her to have fun.

Amid all the perfect pictures of her toys, her bed, her stuffed animals in nets on the wall, all the things precious and important to her…was this:


I very clearly see a face with glowing eyes and the shape of the head with the mouth. I see a heart in the roundness of a chest. I see the chi center at the pit of the belly.

Those things in the background look nothing like anything in her room. The camera never did anything like this ever again, and I had it for at least another three years.

For whatever reason, the Visitor showed himself to my 3 year old.

And then he went away. He’s not been back since.



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