This site is the bee's knees


I don’t know what to say on this page so it may change.

What I see and feel isn’t now and then. It’s constant. So constant that I prefer to avoid crowds because I know what people think and feel all the time. I can see and feel the energy coming off them, especially negative energy. It’s downright unpleasant and I’d rather not subject myself to the constant bombardment.

I scoff at those “mediums” on television. Who does NOT have an uncle bill or robert or an family member with an m name? Who past the age of 40 has NOT had a family member a generation older pass on? Who has NOT had a family member die of cancer or suicide? Were you talking about it while standing in line waiting to get in? Was the person next to you actually on staff with the producers of the show? Were you talking about it in the audience with someone near you? Was there a microphone under your seat? Was someone behind scenes pointing a directional microphone through the wall to see what they could pick up because people in the audience can’t help but talk about the people they hope to hear from?  I’m not buying the malarky they’re selling.

This blog is a way for me to anonymously express what I go through on a daily and nightly basis. Maybe others have similar experiences but are afriad to say so.

Some will think I’m a crackpot making it up for attention. I’m not. I’m as sane as anyone can be given the frequency and intensity of my experiences.

What I am is weary and my work is never over.


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