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All’s Quiet — for Two Days

It’s an interesting thing.

All the energy that is expelled out into the atmosphere on New Year’s Eve, with all the whooping and hollering. All the jumping around and kissing and hugging…

The spirits calm down for a day or two.

They’ll be back to normal by the end of the week, but the reduction in activity is marked. The energy in the air is palpably different for a few days.

The weather we were supposed to have here never arrived either, and that reminded me of how the energies of the newly dead seem to influence weather patterns.

Few years back, we had one of the worst years for hurricanes. And then Pope John Paul II died. The next year, and for at least one more year, we had almost nothing for hurricanes the entire season.

Then the US Military found and killed Osama Bin Laden. And we had hurricanes Irene and Sandy.


David Bowie

One night early last year, I had a very vivid dream that I met David Bowie and we made love two or three times. Wow what a lover! I felt everything, including every orgasm I had.

I felt from him a deep affection, a love like I’ve rarely known in my life.

I woke up that morning to learn he had died.

It was in that moment that I learned just how much I love him. I have known of him and his music pretty much all my life. I grew up with Major Tom on the radio. I was among that first generation of MTV kids and he had remade his image and persona once again for Let’s Dance, China Girl, Modern Love.

He was remade again into the Goblin King, and that is where my real love lay. I was completely in love with his creation. As the World Falls Down is one of the most touching, delicate songs ever written.

Now and then, as I’m lying down to sleep, I will think of him. I will let myself miss him as much as my heart needs to miss him. I actually feel lonely inside, still to this day feeling that empty space where he used to stand.

Now and then, as I’m drifting to sleep thinking of him, I feel him spoon in behind me. I feel his energy wrapping around me from behind.

I don’t know when or where we met before, but apparently our energies have known each other a very long time.

Missing Keys & A Poltergeist

Being empathetic, sensitive to the energies around me, it’s not all exhausting and sadness.

Sometimes there are mischievous spirits around. Now and then, one will “borrow” something. I can’t find it for a day or so. Then, usually when I say out loud “Okay, will the spirit who borrowed my ________ please put it back now? I need it more than you do.”

Within a few hours, the item is found. Where? Someplace that’s been looked at a hundred times, right out in the open.

I just had one of those that started yesterday. Right as I was ready to leave to go someplace, my keys were missing. I looked all over the places where they were likely to be. Everyone in the house looked all over those very same areas. Nothing.

Today, after coming home from an early supper, there they were, on the floor next to a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner I had pulled out from its place at least three times.

Thank you for giving them back. I appreciate it.

But I think tonight I shall have to call in the various deceased shepherds to clear some tricky spirits from the place.


Spirits Are Restless

The curtain in one window became a picture of a long strapped purse during the night. For some reason, the spirit who showed it to me is concerned about her purse. She can’t continue her journey yet. She has to find her purse.

The other window, which had been a bony hand stretching up, was turned into a long-stemmed flower by a different spirit last night. She was rather pleased with herself that she could make me see it. I told her it was lovely and sent her on her way.

Blinds in a third window were lines and lines and lines of writing. I couldn’t read them, but this was shown to me numerous times during the night. This was from a man, and he felt a need to wake me every time to show me.

I’ve been out of bed for three hours and want to lie down and take a six hour nap!